Using the SDMX web service



This REST web service is free of charge and allows to access the information provided in the BDM. It meets the SDMX standards, version 2.1.

The possibilities are described in the following documents:


In order to retrieve data easily for exploiting them with different statistical softwares (SAS, R, Excel...), a tool is shared and freely available here: Sdmx Connectors.

It is configured to request several datasources provided by national and international organisations.

Simplified access to data by idbank

Data and characteristics for up to 500 series can be quickly retrieved using their unique identifier (idbank). This feature requires to get the series idbank from the website.

URL syntax: /data/SERIES_BDM/idbanks?parameters

with [idbanks] as a list of identifiers separated by "+".

The optional parameters are used to limit the amount of data sent back for each series:

  • startPeriod : beginning of the reporting period (2012-Q3, 1998-07)
  • lastNObservations : limit to the n most recent values (example)
  • detail : only provides a part of the dataset (dataonly, nodata)

Access to data by group of series

This feature allows to get data for a set of series with similar characteristics. Several hundred groups are defined, the list can be retrieved here.

URL syntax: /data/dataflow/key?parameters

with [dataflow] being the identifier of the requested group.

It is advised to limit the amount of data sent back by using:

  • the parameters described above
  • the [key] part which allows to specify for each dimension (separated by ".") the chosen items (separated by "+")

Examples for the group about IPI base 2010 level A21 :

RSS feed

The data updates occurred in the last 30 days for group of series are listed in a RSS feed: /rss/donnees