May 12, 2017: In parallel with redesigning the dissemination of indices and time series proposed on INSEE's web site, the BDM SDMX web service will be modified and the dataflows' outline will change in the second half of June 2017. For further information.

Tourism occupancy in hotels - Annual series by department

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Producing organisation: INSEE


These series cover hotels (hotels and similar accommodation) and outdoor accommodations (campsite pitches, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks) monthly occupancy, according to the metropolitan France region where the accommodation is located and the country from which the tourist clientele comes.



  • Overnight stays and arrivals :

    A couple arrives and stays 3 nights in a given month:
    ⇒ there are 2 arrivals and 6 overnight stays (2 persons × 3 nights) for this month.

    A person arrives on January 25th and stays 10 nights:
    ⇒ there are 1 arrival and 7 overnight stays in January and no arrivals and 3 overnight stays in February.