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Since December 19, 2014, new provisions defined by the Pinel law of 18 June 2014 apply to self-managed enterprises, now called micro-entrepreneurs instead of “auto-entrepreneurs”. This new denomination is used from December 2014 business start-ups data onward.
This status must be distinguished from both simplified tax scheme (sometimes called tax regime of micro-enterprise) and category of microenterprises defined under Article 51 of the law on the modernization of the economy (LME) and specified by Decree No. 2008-1354.


Statistics on Business start-ups allow us to follow the evolution of enterprises births within the main sectors of activity in metropolitan France and the overseas departments (DOM).




1. From September 2013 data onwards, the seasonal and working-day adjustment model has been modified, for monthly business start-up data

Up to the data of August 2013 included, only the time series for business set-ups excluding micro-entrepreneurs were seasonally adjusted. The micro-entrepreneurs time series were too short to be properly deseasonalized.
From now on, the micro-entrepreneurs time series are seasonally adjusted for each main sector throughout France.
However, for the micro-entrepreneurs time series in the sectors of “Financial and insurance activities”, “Real estate” and “Trade, transport, accommodation and catering”, the raw data are similar to seasonally adjusted data, due to a low number of registrations and difficulty identifying a seasonal trend.
The micro-entrepreneurs time series can not yet be properly adjusted regionally so only micro-entrepreneurs raw data continue to be disseminated at regional level.

2. In February 2012, the seasonal adjustment model of the “All legal forms excepting micro-entrepreneurs” component was revised; seasonally adjusted time series have been recalculated for all data from January 2000

This review has led to limiting the number of sectoral variables for regional series: indeed, seasonal adjustment requires a sufficient number of observations in each sector.

  • The time series of business births for the whole of France remains broken down into 13 sectors, as before.
  • Regional time series (except Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana) are broken down into four sectors (see table below);
    The sector “Services” includes all service activities: JZ + KZ + LZ + MN + OQ + RU.
  • Regional time series of Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana are not broken down by sectors.
Breakdown in 4 sectors
Aggregated sectors (Full title) Sectors in aggregate classification
at A10 level
Corresponding NAF rev. 2
division codes
All births All All
Manufacturing, extractive industries and other industries BE 05 to 39
Construction FZ 41 to 43
Wholesale and retail trade, Transport, Accommodation and Food and beverage service activities GI 45 to 56
All service activities JZ, KZ, LZ, MN, OQ, RU 58 to 99

3. Impact of changes in legislation from April 2010

Compulsory registration of micro-entrepreneur craftsmen in the trades register since 1st April 2010 results in a slight underestimation of the number of new micro-entrepreneur craftsmen in the Sirene directory, and similarly, an overestimation of the number of new non-micro-entrepreneur craftsmen.

  • The total number of births is not affected.
  • The division between micro and non-micro-entrepreneurs has been corrected.
  • The uncertainty of the correction is estimated at well under 1% of the number of new micro-entrepreneurs.

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