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Monthly average consumer prices in metropolitan France - 6-pack mineral water

Time series
Date of last update : 2017-05-16

Identifier 000641370

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in euros
Year Month Value
2016 December 2.80
2016 November 2.79
2016 October 2.81
2016 September 2.82
2016 August 2.83
2016 July 2.82
2016 June 2.83
2016 May 2.83
2016 April 2.83
2016 March 2.84
2016 February 2.83
2016 January 2.84

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Producing organisation: INSEE


  • Correction : Non-adjusted (raw)
  • Periodicity : Monthly
  • Geographical area : Metropolitan France
  • Unit : in euros


The consumer price index measures price changes in the entire households' consumption. The households' consumption is broken down according to the related items of the COICOP (in French only). These items are followed thanks to a sample of a little more than 1,100 families of products, called “varieties”.

The variety is the basic level for the follow-up of the products and the CPI calculation. The list of varieties is confidential.

Nevertheless, in 2016, nearly 90 average retail products prices collected in metropolitan France are published monthly in the BDM.

Two steps are needed to calculate the average prices:

  1. For each variety: calculation of an average unit price, corrected of the “quality effect” on each urban area surveyed.
  2. Aggregation of these average unit prices by harmonic mean, weighted by consumption share of the following crossing “variety × urban area”. A share of consumption is defined by the product of a volume by a price. Consequently, the choice of the harmonic mean allows to get an arithmetic mean of prices, weighted by the volumes consumed.

This calculation is meaningful only for homogeneous varieties, i.e those that gather similar goods or services.

The sample of the urban area, where prices are collected, has been renewed during the shift to base 2015. This modification of the sampled outlets can lead to a break in series between December 2015 and January 2016.

The average prices previous to January 2002 are in French francs converted into euros (at the fixed rate of 6.55957)

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